My published short story ‘The Old Man Next Door’ is now available.

My short story ‘The Old Man Next Door’ is now available via Write Out Publishing.

It’s only $1.99, but you can use the promo code TUESDAYDOOR to make it .99 cents! The great thing about this publisher is that 10% of all purchases go toward the charity of my choice which is the Ronald McDonald house of Dayton.

Once purchased, you can download the PDF via email or device (I think). Love it or hate it, please write a review on the site if you read it.

I wrote this story about a year ago, and I can’t allow this to be published without thanking those who proofread/edited it: Shana, Christopher, the amazingly talented Brian Staveley (who also wrote the summary on the publisher’s website for me), Rion, and Professor Duda.

Thank you to anyone who pays money for this. Nowadays it’s harder than ever to afford literature and find the time to read it. I appreciate your time more than the money spent. It’s a miserable story, but I hope everyone finds their own bigger picture from the outcome. I have more short stories to come, and I four novels that I need to get ready for publishing, which is going to take years (be patient).

Thanks for the support!