My Short Story to be Published September 20th via Write Out Publishing

I used to love simple things—books, writing, baseball, television, feeding the ducks—and now that’s just ash in my mouth. When I think about how much I loved those little things, I actually feel like I’ve bitten into the hot end of a cigar. It really puts shit into perspective. What could I have done to keep her with me? When she was awake, it was always about her. We played her games and watched her shows and kicked the soccer ball and built forts between the couches to protect ourselves from her army of dolls. We were unstoppable. All those “likes” on social media made me so proud. It’s a big deal when people like your kid… it makes up for the fact that so many of us are assholes. She was pretty, my girl, and everyone knew her name… I can’t even speak it anymore without chasing it with a double shot of Michter’s followed by the thrilling thought of burying a bullet in my brain.

My short story ‘The Old Man Next Door’ is being published by Write Out Publishing next month! It’s a bit of a different format. They sell the stories for $1.99 ($.99 the first week!) Please check it out! They donate a % to a charity of my choice, which is pretty cool for a publisher to do.

I wrote the story a year ago. It’s about a man who’s struggling to get a grip on his life after the loss of his daughter.

I’ve been working with the editor/owner of the publication the past few days and feel extremely fortunate to have such a great team of individuals to work with.

I will be sure to keep everyone posted. Expect me to spam the story a few times once it’s out there for purchase. Thanks to everyone who’s supported my writing so far, especially Professor Duda, who fell in love with this story from the moment I submitted it in her class. It may not seem like a big deal, but I have been submitting this story to publishers for nearly a year. It was the wait was worth the wait because Write Out Publishing is everything I wanted in a publisher.

Here’s the site if you want to check them out. IT WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL SEPTEMBER, 20!