It’s been a while, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been progress.

The last time I posted was four months ago. I may not be the most consistent “blogger,” but I am a consistent writer. By making that statement, I do have some updates for those of you that care, which I am so very grateful that so many of you do ask me about the progress of these novels–especially those of you whom I’ve never met.

I finished my BA in Creative Writing in January. That doesn’t mean much aside from the fact that I’m a lot better at knowing the rules of writing so I can break them. Writing–true writing–can’t be taught, but it sure as hell can be defined, exampled, and admired. A lot of authors say it’s pointless to go to college to learn how to write because each professor has a different opinion on what authors they respect and want to teach from. I disagree, because I learned a lot about what I find effective. The truth is, I didn’t learn how to be a writer, but I learned how to write so people would be interested in what story was being told. Writing isn’t something you learn, outside of the basic principles, but something you do until you get better –like basketball or knitting. I write 500 words a night and can tell you that has helped me form my writing style more than any class–but those classes helped craft those 500 words into something I now keep instead of deleting with disgust the following day.

On to the good stuff!

Publication: I have a flash fiction and two short stories out to various publishers at the moment. That will go on for some time because getting a story published it more about timing and luck as much as talent and story. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten an email back stating “This would have been perfect for our theme two months ago, but doesn’t fit this month!” Probably an easy wake to soften the blow but it at least keeps me confident.

  • Agatha Christie was rejected for five years before landing a publishing deal.
  • Dr. Seuss was told his work was too different from other juvenile works to warrant selling.
  • ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ was rejected so many times, Beatrix Potter self-published 250 copies of her own. It went on to sell 45 million copies.

Novels: I’m a bit of a mess when it comes to this.

I have the third draft of one novel (a 220,000 word fantasy story) done, which I now want to rewrite because my writing style has progressed so much over a two years span.

I wrote a romance novel just for the hell of it, which ended up getting really good feedback. I may throw it on amazon one day under a Pen Name–any suggestions? It was something I wanted to challenge myself with–writing from a woman’s first-person point-of-view–and I feel like it’s made me a better character writer overall. It’s romance, who cares about the ending as long as it’s happy. I need to finish this story.

The third novel is about 80% done. I got snagged on an event and need to take some time off. That’s the best thing when you consider deleting chapters and arcs and stories from a novel. I’ll go back to it in three months and start right back where I stopped with no problems. It’s about a witch named Lilac who is a pharmacist. She’d never used her witchery–but when her grandmother and sister were burnt at the stake, she decided it was time for revenge. Really it’s a novel about a clumsy, kind woman trying to learn how to be a witch like the rest of her family–and botching a lot of it along the way. It is a fantasy novel, but a little less “fantasy” than most.

Right now I’m really deep into another fantasy novel. It was a plot I had stuck on my brain and it nagged me until I started writing it. It’s going well–minus the annoyance of building a world, kingdoms, history, laws, wars, and Gods. It’s my best yet, mainly because my writing is at its sharpest point.

Thank you for caring enough to read this and I hope my next post is something I can share (hopefully published).