A question about short stories and publishing.

I have a deep interest to get one of my short stories published in a magazine or e-zine. I was hoping to talk to someone who has done this before. While, I do know quite a few places to submit my writing, I was unsure of two things.

1. Is it okay to post the short story on my blog until it is picked up to be published? Do I have to remove it after?

2. The short story takes place in the world my novel is about. Is it a good idea/bad idea to post a story about your world before your novel is published? I feel like it could generate interest…

Anyone who wants to comment and give me their experiences and opinions is much appreciated!



2 thoughts on “A question about short stories and publishing.

  1. 1. It depends on the magazine/e-zine, but some might not consider a story that has already been “published” in another format. Some publishers get sticky about having “first serial rights” and that sort of thing– also, some are snobby about pieces that have appeared online. The surest thing to do is go to the magazine/e-zine’s website and look at their submissions guidelines, which should specify what the publisher wants/expects.

    2. There’s no reason for you to not publish a story set in a world it shares with a yet-too-be published novel. No one’s going to shoot you, and I can’t see any downside for your subsequent novel, so long as the story doesn’t spoil the novel’s narrative in a serious way, and you put enough detail into the short story to root the reader in the world.

    Hope this helps. Best of luck.


    • Thanks a lot, Doug. This was very helpful. I would love to post it on my blog, but I do understand why some publishers don’t like that. I will take your advice and read their guidelines. I have noticed in the past, most say that the work can’t be “published elsewhere” and I always assumed that meant on a blog or whatever.


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