Second Draft

blank sheet in a typewriter

About to start the second draft of my very first novel. I am taking until January to spend some time needed away from the novel before I start the process of perfecting it. Do any writers have advice for me that they wish someone had told them when they were working on the second draft of their first novel? We’ve done a lot of drafts of short stories in class, but a novel is much different.

Obviously I want to cut down about 30,000 words, which I am not worried about, but there is also a lot i want to add while keeping a good dialogue/narrative balance. Just to keep the “hot hand” of writing, I am continuing to work on my Pia and Juniper novellas as I work on the second draft. Only 250 words a day, but that is enough to stay sharp.




Hello! My name is Justin Chasteen. I write fantasy and fiction.

I am going to use this site to keep everyone updated about the writing progress of my fantasy trilogy, short sorties, flash fiction, and unnamed fantasy-fiction novel. Thanks for checking me out and I hope you enjoy my work! Check below this post for updates and new posts! Comment and say hi!